Educational Reader’s Digest | Friday 12th May – Friday 19th May

Leadership and management

1.       Seven ways for teachers to support their colleagues, by Tom Rogers

2.       Seven things to never do if you teach at your child’s school, by Keziah Featherstone

3.       Five things I wish I knew before I started leading, by Stephen Tierney

4.       The six kinds of headteacher you’ll ever meet, by Jon Brunskill

5.       Headteacher boards ARE corrupt but can be fixed, by Laura McInerney

6.       Teachers are divided by values, not just methods, by Andrew Old

7.       School leadership in 12 slides, by Tom Sherrington

8.       Context is king, by Tom Sherrington

9.       Unconscious bias, by Naz Ahmed

10.   Who are Ofsted to judge?, by Mona Paalanen

11.   Hard won success, by Mary Myatt

12.   He’s behind you! The real enemy of promise…, by Debra Kidd

Teaching, learning and assessment

1.       Seven habits of highly effective lesson plans, by Peps Mccrea

2.       Seven Venn diagrams about teaching, by James Theobald

3.       Four ways cognitive load theory has changed by teaching, by Greg Ashman

4.       Where is the evidence to support differentiation?, by Greg Ashman

5.       Literature revision and the art of giving spoilers, by David Bunker

6.       Peps Mccrea’s ‘Memorable Teaching’: memory in the classroom, by Jamie Thom

7.       Time, by Fiona Ritson

8.       Five ways to end the KS2-KS3 literacy arguments, by Fiona Ritson

9.       “Let’s work”, by Fiona Ritson

10.   How do we assess?, by Mark Enser

11.   Four and a half things you need to know about new GCSE grades, by Daisy Christodoulou

12.   Dual-coding in science, by Pritesh Raichura

13.   Presentation: potentially a powerful proxy for progress, by Tom Sherrington

14.   The problem with problem solving, by David Didau

15.   Why target grades miss their mark. Part 2., by Ben Newmark

16.   If target grades don’t work, what will?, by Ben Newmark

17.   Hop, skip, jump, by Andy Tharby

18.   Poetry exam hacks, by Chris Curtis

19.   Seeing the ‘big picture’ (on expertise), by Alex Quigley

20.   Rethinking assessment, by Alex Quigley

21.   Collaborative planning for Sep 2017, Freya Odell

22.   Taking special measures in English, by Matthew Pinkett

23.   Whole class instruction enables targeted support, by Anthony Radice

24.   Evidence is important, but great teaching is still an art, by Simon Smith

25.   Books: mortality and intelligence, by Susan Pallister

26.   Designing a feedback (not marking policy), by Jemma Sherwood 

27.   Truncation, by Jemma Sherwood

28.   Classroom fads that illustrate education’s often unhealthy relationship with the evidence, by Tom Bennett

29.   Structure and evaluation revisited, by Mark Roberts

30.   Stand still, by Toby French

31.   Reflections on ‘practice’, by Hannah Tyreman

32.   Year 7 history at Michaela, by Mike Taylor

33.   Raising the bar, by Chris Moyse

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

1.       The problem with parents, by David Didau

2.       On misdiagnosis, by Linda Graham

EYFS and Primary

1.       Stop moaning about tests!, by Michael Tidd

2.       Comparative judgement – now what?, by Jon Brunskill

3.       Ofsted says… Assessment and the foundation subjects, by Clare Sealy

16 to 19

1.       Yong people are taking fewer A-levels, by Dave Thompson

Happy reading –


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