Literacy Shorts: Rhetorical Devices

Rhetoric, broadly defined, is the art of persuasion through the manipulation of language – both written and spoken. From an academic perspective, it’s important for students to possess explicit knowledge of rhetorical devices and how they function because it gives them more conscious control over the way in which they are able to communicate. Clearly, … More Literacy Shorts: Rhetorical Devices

Literacy Shorts: Idioms

An idiom is a common expression that possesses a meaning not explicitly clear in a grammatical or logical sense.  For example:   Thinking-hats are, pedagogically and sartorially speaking, the best thing since sliced bread. Here, the idiomatic reference to sliced bread helps to amplify my bold claim that thinking hats (all six of them) are … More Literacy Shorts: Idioms

Literacy Shorts: Parenthetical Dashes

Interesting fact: we get the plural noun parentheses from the original Greek word parentithenai, which roughly translates as ‘put in beside’.  Today, linguistically speaking, we use the term to describe both the additional information that is inserted into an already grammatically complete sentence and the punctuation marks used to contain that information.  In this bulletin, … More Literacy Shorts: Parenthetical Dashes