Educational Reader’s Digest | Friday 16th June – Friday 23rd June

Leadership and management

1.       Rewards, by Tom Starkey

2.       What can Australia learn from Michaela Community School?, by Greg Ashman

3.       Why put the ‘A’ in STEAM?, by Greg Ashman

4.       How for the first 25 years of my teaching career I didn’t really understand what I was doing, by John Tomsett

5.       Show a little respect: perhaps we do have more in common, by Kenny Pieper

6.       There are still lessons to learn about promoting the “comp” brand, by Ed Dorrell

7.       I LOVE our school, by Katherine Birbalsingh

8.       Moving on, by Ben Newmark

Teaching, learning and assessment

1.       Colouring in the curriculum, by Bansi Kara

2.       We need to talk about misconceptions, by Adam Boxer

3.       Ten public speaking tips for teachers, by Jamie Thom

4.       Turning the indicators on, by Chris Curtis

5.       Towards a vocabulary rich KS3, by Kate McCabe

6.       Masculinity and violence in schools, by Matthew Pinkett

7.       On clarity, explanations, irony, and ‘My Last Duchess’, by Thomas James

8.        How helpful is Hattie and Donoghue’s model of learning? Part 1, by David Didau

9.       How helpful is Hattie and Donoghue’s model of learning? Part 2, by David Didau

10.   A novice – expert model of learning, by David Didau

11.   Asking real questions, by James Durran

12.   Googling for originality, by James Durran

13.   Guiding student improvement without individual feedback, by Harry Fletcher-Wood

14.   Preparing a learning-focused syllabus, by Sara Fulmer

15.   What to do about the ghost child?, by Hywel Roberts

16.   Why I love… My dad, by Susan Strachan

17.   Memory is more than Ebbinghaus, by Donald Taylor

18.   Semantic space: ‘How we talk around here’, by Deborah Netolicky

19.   What’s your superpower?, by Mark Enser

20.   ‘United we stand, divided we fall.’ – consistency in schools, by Dawn Cox

21.   Why are we so afraid of knowledge?, by Optimist Prime

22.   Northern Rocks, by Debra Kidd

23.   The problem with techniques, by Dave Grimmet

24.   Disconnect in the classroom, by Blake Harvard

25.   Another feedback post… How we will tackle feedback, by Mark McDowell

26.   What is self-efficacy and how can we help our students get more of it?, by Shaun Allison

27.   Critically important, by Claire Stoneman

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

1.       There is nothing wrong with teachers controlling the classroom, by Greg Ashman

2.       Letting go: how a night of violence taught me to be a better teacher, by Tom Bennett

3.       Centralised detentions are fundamental to a great behaviour system, by Rosalind Walker

4.       The best worst job in school, by Ben Baines


Happy reading –


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