Educational Reader’s Digest | Friday 5th May – Friday 12th May

1.       General Election ’17: an education policy overview, by Alex Quigley

2.       Two education policies I’d put in a General Election manifesto, by Jonathan Porter

3.       Five things I wish I knew when I started teaching, by Carl Hendrick

4.       #5 things I wish I knew when I started teaching, by Stephen Tierney

5.       The 5 worst education arguments by graphics, by James Theobald

6.       5 diamonds, by Dan Williams

7.       5 enemies of school improvement, by Steve Adcock

8.       5 things I wish I knew now, by Mark Enser

9.       CPD: goodbye & good riddance (part one), by Mark Enser

10.   Creating a culture for academic excellence, by Andy Tharby

11.   Teaching poetry at KS3: securing skills, by Jamie Thom

12.   THBT debating is everything, by Erin Miller

13.   On my 2nd blogoversary, by Rebecca Foster

14.   Practice vs. talent: five principles for effective teaching, by David Didau

15.   Easy is easy, hard is hard, by David Didau

16.   Can we improve school interviews?, by David Didau

17.   Preparing the ground for planting knowledge, by Tim Taylor

18.   Defamation, by Toby French

19.   Year 6 writing – in search of GDS part 2: a lesson in formality, by Martin Galway

20.   Is obedience dangerous? Part 1, by Andrew Old

21.   Is obedience dangerous? Part 2, by Andrew Old

22.   Warm – strict, by Jo Facer

23.   Precision in writing – the Show Sentence, by Chris Curtis

24.   Poetry exam hacks, by Chris Curtis

25.   School trips – why do we bother taking students beyond the classroom, by Chris Curtis

26.   Why I love… The power of three for revising, by Susan Strachan

27.   Academic rigour and The Conversation, by Greg Ashman

28.   5 principles of education, by Greg Ashman

29.   How to improve teaching, by Greg Ashman

30.   How I use mini whiteboards, by Niki Kaiser

31.   #leftytrad, by Adam Boxer

32.   Tests for pleasure, by Toby French

33.   Low-attainers harshly marked in SATs assessments, study finds, by John Dickens

34.   Student X’s story and a vision of teaching and learning, by Dave Grimmet

35.   The immaculate reception, by Benjamin Evans

36.   The three keys of intrinsic motivation, by Kyle McDonald

37.   Against ‘pupil friendly’ language, by Sarah Barker

38.   The grammar school system funnels and fails children at 11, by Ben Newmark

39.   10 ‘teach to the top’ differentiation ideas, by Ross Morrison McGill

40.   The importance of school culture, by Anthony Radice

41.   Dual coding to support inclusion, by Oliver Caviglioli

Happy reading –


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