Educational Reader’s Digest | Friday 28th April – Friday 5th May

1.       Education is an end in itself not a preparation for the workplace, by Carl Hendrick

2.       Feedback, mindset and motivation, by Sarah Donarski

3.       Gibberish sprinkled with question marks: in nonsense is strength, by James Theobald

4.       Giving feedback, by Mark Esner

5.       Five ways to put challenge at the heart of your lesson, by Mark Enser

6.       Teaching ideas: what has worked for me recently?, by Caroline Spalding

7.       We should be more offended by dishonesty than by pointing it out, by Andrew Old

8.       No, don’t forget everything we know about memory, by Nick Rose

9.       Why I love… Promoting analysis, by Susan Strachan

10.   More light?, by James Murphy

11.   Ex-students are everywhere, by Tom Starkey

12.   Referrals, by Tom Starkey

13.   Teaching GCSE narrative writing this term, by Jamie Thom

14.   On John Brown, Rose and the Midnight Cat: an introduction to narrative writing, by Rebecca Foster

15.   ‘All aboard the Titanic catastrophe of the new GCSEs’, by Chris Curtis

16.   Learning by rote doesn’t mean not understanding, by Toby French

17.   How much is ‘enough’?, by Toby French

18.   Why ‘grammar schools for all’ won’t work, by David Didau

19.   Are you fooling yourself? Education and epidemiology, by David Didau

20.   Is resilience even a thing?, by David Didau

21.   A pen licence? It’s only just a stupid piece of plastic, by Chris Curtis

22.   Embedding complex fiction, by Doug Lemov

23.   To parents who have opted out of state teaching, by Doug Lemov

24.   Staying stoical in school, by Joe Kirby

25.   A word of thanks: our profession is packed with brilliant passionate people, by Tom Sherrington

26.   HTRT doorstep manifesto for general election 2017, by Stephen Tierney et al.

27.   It’s the accountability not the (primary) assessments, by Stephen Tierney

28.   An opportunity for decency, by Kenny Piper

29.   Mavericks, nerds and innovation, by Greg Foley

30.   Principles of great assessment #3: reliability, by Phil Stock

31.   On the difference between paraphrase and summary, by Doug Lemov

32.   Internal inference, by Clare Sealy

33.   The problem with progress 8, by Ben Newmark

34.   Better planning: better teaching, better learning [a template], by Harry Fletcher-Wood

35.   Rosy retrospection and education in the election, by Alex Quigley

36.   Integrating assessment, knowledge and practice, by Nick Wells

37.   Project-based school improvement, by Greg Ashman

38.   Teachers should pass knowledge on, by Martin Robinson

39.   More light?, by James Murphy

40.   The job advert I really want to write, by Keven Bartle

41.   In the news, by Shaun Allison

42.   Running the PISA race, by Deborah Netolicky

43.   Teaching analytical writing structures, by Josh Goodrich

Happy reading –


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