Educational Reader’s Digest | Friday 14th April – Friday 21st April

1.       Things aren’t getting worse, they’re getting better, by Carl Hendrick

2.       The paradox of uniformity, by Ted Morrissey

3.       The English teacher’s pub quiz, by Chris Curtis

4.       Learning objectives: a waste of time, by Matthew Pinkett

5.       Why we need to get rid of lesson objectives, by Kris Boulton

6.       Assessment objectives: an Ofqual concern for Ofqual people; there is nothing for you here!, by James Theobald

7.       Welsh lessons 3: endemic systematic failure, by David Williams

8.       Give a kid a computer… What does it do to her social life?, by Daniel Willingham

9.       “Be sure of it; give me ocular proof”, by Sana Master

10.   The marathon of assessment, by Dawn Cox

11.   Are you as good as you think? Overcoming illusory superiority, by Ben Newmark

12.   On what stuck from #rEDlang, by Rebecca Foster

13.   The troll report, by Andrew Old

14.   Slow teaching, by Jamie Thom

15.   Platitudes don’t reduce workload, by Michael Tidd

16.   Using research to rise to the challenge of the new English Literature GCSEs, by Amy Forrester

17.   Golden memories – why do we remember what?, by Mark Esner

Happy reading –


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