Educational Reader’s Digest | Friday 7th April – Friday 14th April

1.       ‘Ordinary working families’ are not disadvantaged – those claiming benefits are, by Rebecca Allen

2.       Should teachers use prequestions, by Daniel Willingham

3.       6 things to get right in every school, by Tom Sherrington

4.       Implementation, by Tom Starkey

5.       Money buys luck. Everyone else needs to work hard, by Tom Bennett

6.       What would you do differently next time?, by Toby French

7.       Quality first teaching, by Toby French

8.       Contesting the canon, by Michael Merrick

9.       The photocopier is jammed, by Chris Curtis

10.   The problem with past papers, by Alex Quigley

11.   Reading is knowledge, by James Murphy

12.   Requiem for a straw man, by James Murphy

13.   What makes expert teachers?, by Harry Fletcher-Wood

14.   Research in education is great… until you start to try and use it, by Dawn Cox

15.   ‘I am not what I am’ – first rule of behaviour management, by Sana Master

16.   Welsh lessons: judging a book by its cover, by David Williams

17.   Does it matter whether primary school teachers have good maths skills, by Greg Ashman

18.   Universally unacclaimed: the great VAT debate, by Keven Bartle

19.   In defence of universal free school meals, by Tom Clements

20.   Going on holiday during term time can be a good thing, by Martin Robinson

21.   Direct instruction, by Ben Newmark

22.   Understanding or memorising, by Anthony Radice

23.   First class, by Nancy Gedge

24.   Conquering the mountain, by Nancy Gedge

25.   Voodoo statistics, by Mike Cameron

26.   Why do we forget stuff? Familiarity vs recall, by David Didau

27.   The importance of connecting things in English, by Erin Miller

28.   Maths anxiety, by Jo Morgan

29.   Quality first teaching, spacing, active learning and exam familiarity are more important than ‘revision’, by Tom Rodgers

Happy reading –


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