Educational Reader’s Digest | Friday 24th March – Friday 31st March

What is high challenge teaching, by Heather Fearn

PowerPoint, by Jo Facer

Why I do PowerPoint, by Dan Williams

Is the use of PowerPoint in lessons misguided?, by James Theobald

Be more Goose: A school shouldn’t rely on Mavericks, by James Theobald

Get edtech right without blowing your budget, by José Picardo

Dahl-dependency: break the cycle, by Jonny Walker

Stop fetishizing failure and success, by Martin Robinson

Worthiness – according to who?, by Jon Andrews

How to get students to evaluate – teaching concepts and transferring knowledge, by Dawn Cox

The ghost of memory: revision and retention for ‘A Christmas Carol’, by Jamie Thom

Principles of great assessment #2: validity and fairness, by Phil Stock

The questioning collection, by Alex Quigley

Developing handwriting, by Alex Quigley

Why being a middle manager is so exhausting, by Eric Anicich and Jacob Hirsh

Middle leaders work in the engine room shovelling coal, by Thomas Rogers

Community heartbeat, by Keven Bartle

We’re afraid to use unions, by we must stand together, by the Secret Teacher

Fourth anniversary matters, by Naureen Afzal

SEND Governor matters, by Naureen Afzal

Stop talking about a mental health crisis in schools, by Helene Guldberg

A year of writing creatively, independently and silently, by Chris Curtis

Here’s one I made earlier: using your own creative writing as literary texts, by Mark Roberts

The bell-curve cage: something must break, by Tom Sherrington

The global education and skills forum 2017, by Daisy Christodoulou

Revision – practising what I preach, by Damian Benney

Doublespeak, by Nancy Gedge

Competing visions, by Greg Ashman

Still working away in our silos (thank goodness), by Gethyn Jones

Effort, by Toby French

The problems with observations, by Mark Esner

What do you mean, mean problems?, by Sarah Baker

Common opportunities to build rigour: means of participation, by Doug Lemov

Why I learned to love my job, by Tim Head

The impact of limiting success, by Stephen Tierney

GCSE grading goes ga-ga, by Tom Sherrington

Some thoughts on the primary assessment consultation, by Michael Tidd

Raising aspirations?, by Ben Newmark

Happy reading –


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