High Five: A Roundup of the Opening Keynotes from the 2017 ASCL Conference

Malcolm Trobe: The Responsibilities and Obligations of Leadership

  1. The fundamental issue is that there is not enough money coming into education.
  1. System-wide, it is surely more economically efficient to provide an incentive which improves retention of teachers in the system than to have significant numbers leave and have to train ever greater numbers to replace them.
  1. Improved teacher supply would reduce the ridiculously high costs of using supply agencies and placing adverts.
  1. High quality education for all young people is an essential component of improving social justice. However, education alone is just one component.
  1. Increasing the amount of selection in education is not the answer […] We need solutions that will help the many, not just the few.
  • The full speech can be accessed here.



Justine Greening: Keynote Speech

  1. My job as Education Secretary is to create the right environment to enable teachers and leaders to do their best.
  1. Evidence and best practice should be at the core of everything we do.
  1. Professional development should run like a golden thread through a teacher’s career.
  1. I believe strongly in the school-lead system […] driving improvement through collaboration.
  1. I want to build a culture where evidence is put at the core of everything we do.
  • The full speech can be accessed here.



Sir David Carter: Leading School Improvement

  1. We need to make sure our leaders are good at using the evidence in our system.
  1. Leaders in five years’ time will need to think even harder about what a great place to work looks like.
  1. The strongest leadership cultures are not clones of each other, but composites of good practice.
  1. Leadership begins in the classroom with consistently good teaching that delivers strong outcomes for students.
  1. The strongest MATs have a clearly defined trust wide improvement strategy.
  • The presentation slides can be accessed here.



Amanda Spielman: Keynote Speech

  1. Inspection shouldn’t make the job of teachers more difficult.
  1. I want to go further in improving inspection reliability and validity.
  1. Data is the starting point for our inspections, not the destination.
  1. Given the importance of the curriculum, it’s surprising just how little attention is paid by our accountability system to exactly what it is pupils are learning in schools.
  1. My ambition is to make sure that Ofsted is regarded as a force for good.
  • The full speech can be accessed here.


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